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Rowden Personality Alignment Systems, LLC & Reiki in Wisconsin - Arline Rowden, Reiki Master Teacher with offices on the west side of Madison and in a beautiful country settings between Stoughton & Edgerton offers:

  • Sessions: Acupressure, Chakra Balance/Alignment, Reiki, Emotional Nature, Spiritual Mentoring & Development.
  • Classes: All levels of Reiki, Seva Stress Release for Self-care, Family &/or Clients, Exploring Our Chakras (3 levels), Meditation Instruction, Understanding Our Emotional Nature, Awakening Your Light Body.

Puja Wellness - Ayurvedic Health Center & Spa: Ayurveda, Sanskrit for the 'Science of Life and Longevity', is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of natural healing. It is based on prevention, health maintenance, rejuvenation, and self-realization by cultivating awareness of that which brings balance. Check out our many Ayurvedic therapies and workshops to learn more about how to balance your total Self with Ayurveda today.

InnerVew Consult - Jodie Amerell is an interior design professional trained in the art of feng shui. She also incorporates intuitive color work into her suggestions for clients.

Integrative Medicine, University of Wisconsin Hospital - The Department of Integrative Medicine at the University of Wisconsin in Madison offers services that draw from both conventional and complementary medicine. Dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential for wellness, the focus is on less invasive therapies to remove barriers that may be blocking your body's ability to heal.

Life Visions Healing Center - Michael Strelcheck is owner of Life Visions Healing Center and co-owner of Earthsong Books and Gifts. He is a student of philosophy and traditional metaphysics and a nationally known writer and teacher in the fields of spiritual growth and emotional healing. He spent 6 years studying and teaching with the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, and 4 years studying esoteric science with the Arcane School in New York. - is the web's most trusted information resource for individuals who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and their families. Our mission, as a leading authority on this topic, is to continually provide relevant, timely, and factual information about asbestos exposure and its causal links to mesothelioma.